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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crazy Chicken Lovin' Feelin' Groovy

I am hoping that by posting a plethora of chicken pictures, I will settle down from my chicken high and get back to the three paintings on my desk. Then again, why rush my chicken high, I have waited for so long to have them, and now they are here and I must spend quality time with them. I am probably driving them crazy, and I am constantly going out to check their nests for eggs and say 'hi chickens,cluck,cluck'...My clucks are already quite advanced, if I say so myself, and it is fun to sit and listen to the various sounds and tones they make, and notice the individual personalities and clucks. Each feather is unique it seems, and they give me an endless movie of 'feather color', as the light and sun change, so do their feathers. I am sure within a week or two I will have them out doing more free ranging, as they will know me and my clucks.

Martyn has been very patient with my 'It's talk like a chicken week" game...This morning, he ate the first eggs...what a treat. Thank you chickens...

But really, I must post my pictures and get back to work on my paintings for the upcoming spring shows. And I really do need to sell some art and pay some bills. I will need to paint like crazy today through Friday morning, and then I have much to do, as I am having a little family gathering on Sunday at noon for Martyn's birthday. I am having a hot dog party for his family, and we are also going to play "Put the daisy on the donkey" - with a live donkey of course - Pino is thrilled. It's his first birthday gig of the season. He has also asked if he can also add a local egg delivery route to his home baked pie service. I love the way that donkey thinks and cares about others.


Summer Pierre said...

Your chickens are gorgeous! I want to paint them!

nadine said...

They really are beautiful. The feet! The feet are so great!

Huelo said...

Yes! I love chickens!

Idaho Gardener said...

Dear Sheperdgirl,

You ottta be painting those chickens. They are simply wonderful. Just like Frankie, the Fox. You will make them magical!

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