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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fox Messages

I sat down to finish what was an abstract piece on paper. As is my habit, I sometimes leave a piece for days, work on something else, come back and then turn the piece around or upside down to get a fresh perspective. I'm not trying to sound like a nut, but often an image, or a faint image of some kind, appears in the piece - like I will see a foot or an eye, etc. A day ago, a very strong vision of an animal head came to me on this piece, and it was clearly a fox. I am not sure why it appeared, but I did some research in my mythology books and the obvious symbolism is that fox is sly and cunning. I am not sure why this vision was so strong, and I won't worry too much about it. But Fox appeared, and I painted. Perhaps he is mischievously applauding me at my cleverness in some recent activity or thought, perhaps he is warning me to secure the chickens every night...Whatever his reasons for appearing, I thank him, as I created this piece, and I love it. It's on the online store now.