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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fox Messages

I sat down to finish what was an abstract piece on paper. As is my habit, I sometimes leave a piece for days, work on something else, come back and then turn the piece around or upside down to get a fresh perspective. I'm not trying to sound like a nut, but often an image, or a faint image of some kind, appears in the piece - like I will see a foot or an eye, etc. A day ago, a very strong vision of an animal head came to me on this piece, and it was clearly a fox. I am not sure why it appeared, but I did some research in my mythology books and the obvious symbolism is that fox is sly and cunning. I am not sure why this vision was so strong, and I won't worry too much about it. But Fox appeared, and I painted. Perhaps he is mischievously applauding me at my cleverness in some recent activity or thought, perhaps he is warning me to secure the chickens every night...Whatever his reasons for appearing, I thank him, as I created this piece, and I love it. It's on the online store now.


Anonymous said...

Katherine--Clearly your "vision" of foxes is about your new role as caregiver to chickens. Keep them safe. :)

Pam Aries said...

Ah yes...the Fox in the henhouse... there could be something t othat..as Kare said! It is a cool painting !

Debbie Schramer said...

Hi Katherine,

It is so amazing how people can be on the same wavelength or in the same frame of mind. Your painting of the fox is absolutely wonderful, Katherine! And what is so funny, is that about a week ago, I did a painting about a fox, or a wolf, too!....I'm not sure which it was, but I actually had started out trying to paint a horse. But when I was finished with the painting, the animal looked more like a wolf or a fox. I am usually afraid of wolves, not so much foxes, but this painting was comforting to me somehow. It is on my blog, a few posts back. The painting to me is about a wolf or a fox who is walking through a village and is lonely and hungry and hoping someone will help him. It made me think about how animals might sometimes feel quite lonely, especially wild animals.

Also, I wanted to tell you Katherine, that the other day a hawk came into the yard at the home where we work (as caretakers). It was so amazing. I was feeling rather lonely and sad myself that day and suddenly looked out into the yard (as I often do, wishing I could be outside instead) and there by the swimming pool was a hawk! It was so close to my husband and I. He just sat there at the edge of the pool watching us. It was so comforting to see him and to feel his calming spirit. He made me feel so much better. It was almost as if he came into the yard to tell me not to worry, that things would get better, because he sat there the whole time looking at us and then later flew away. I spoke to the hawk (in my mind and from my spirit to his) and thanked him and told him he was a beautiful bird and so kind to come into our yard. It was wonderful and I have thought about that hawk for several days, each time, feeling better for thinking of that wild bird landing in a yard in Beverly Hills with 20 foot hedges all the way around. Thank you Heavenly Father for your beautiful animals!!

And thank you Katherine for your wonderful and inspiring paintings!!

Oh, and guess what? I turn my paintings upside down and in different directions to work on them sometimes, too! Isn't that amazing!! Sometimes, I just feel that there might be something else I'm not seeing in the painting if I just work on it in one direction. You can see other faces or designs or whatever by looking at the painting from different perspectives!!

Keep smiling!

Debbie Schramer

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting!

Anonymous said...

I love your Fox.
I'd love to see you interviewed
on Oregon Art Beat.

I not long ago bought
a book retold and
illustraed by Paul Galdone
about Three Aesop Fox Fables.
I really like the illustration
of the Fox and the Grapes above
his head,in this book.

I love your art.


Anonymous said...

beautiful work, as always...
Your lifestyle is an inspiration to me.

- amanda

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