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Friday, September 07, 2007

Me and Mr. Boone

As promised, I wore my apron riding today. I got this one from a vintage seller online from Wisconsin . It lacks a pocket, which would be helpful when gathering apples from the trees along our ride. I'd also like to point out that I do have a shirt on under my apron.

We had a wonderful ride, the weather is perfect, warm, breezy, no bugs. I named him Boone because he is so sound and sturdy that I see him as my guide taking me all over. If I were stuck in the woods, I'd want someone like Daniel Boone around, so I have the horse version. I have not written about him because I wasn't quite ready to talk about letting Sky Flower go. That decision took awhile, it was a process. Sky is now living on the farm of my farrier, an experienced trail rider and mule skinner, and he is perfect for her. She lives with 9 other horses, and goes all over the place with him and his family riding on camping trips. I am so happy for her - I just couldn't take her to the next level, as our two personalities, coupled with my intermediate training skills, didn't mesh completely for me to make her a safe trail horse. I tried two and a half years, and I made the decision my safety had to come first, and hers. I know she is happy, and safe. And I guess she has a pet cow now...can't compete with that.

Boone and I have been out on the trail alone, and I feel safe, confidant and so relaxed on him. He is chestnut, the color horse I've always loved most. He is a gelding, i.e. - he is a BOY, and I love that. He loves food, he loves food, he loves food. And he loves baths and having his stomach rubbed. It takes a while to get to know a horse, but I like him. My goal was always to have one horse I'd have forever. I think I finally have that now. He's only 9, and I expect many rides together, many years together. I think of Sky a lot, she was such a beautiful mover, graceful...Boone is more like a big bear. I haven't taken down her name plate yet, I don't think I will. You know, when someone's gone, and you just can't cross their name out of the address book.