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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Stories in my head

I want to tell stories. Every night I wake around 3 am, the pretty - much - precise - hour that Big Tony announces in body language that he is ready to go out to begin his day. One who lives with cats know they do keep different hours than we humans. I have taken to using the hour or so it takes to fall back to sleep to let a free fall of ideas come, go, come back, fester...It appears that one of my many muses from afar is poking me for stories. And since I basically live within a storybook of my own [don't we all?] I feel propelled to create and write more.

So that is what I'm doing, and I am having so much fun. I feel a huge hand moving me a long since about mid August. Many exciting things happened this week, and next week I should be able to share some.

And now, it is a beautiful day, and to quote from a book I am reading [which deserves it's own post later], "Life is right in any case. Whatever comes, my heart is as open as the sky. "