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Saturday, September 01, 2007

On the wave

It is the first of September. It is the beginning of the eruption for me.
An eruption of growth and art, so begins my prolific time. Life is very much a wave from the ocean,highs, lows, constant, a shore, a horizon to view and guide you, but always energy churning, sometimes on the surface, sometimes underneath. I love this time of year. While the pumpkins turn orange, and the harvest is in, I have so many ideas and visions. I feel great doors opening...but I really can't tell you what they are, because I just don't know what they are yet. But I am being led to focus intently on art, and I will go there now.

I'm also feeling like I'm being pulled back to illustration, but this time around I want to fit in better. I'm going to explore and paint and draw and focus. I will see, we will see. I feel I have value in the market, but where? Ask and an answer will come. My little book about Pino is percolating out there...and now I have other ideas I want to put on paper and do more books and manuscripts. So I am going to play with those. I'll write what I know. It dawned on me that my whole life I have a been a little entity into myself, always being told very wise things like, "Don't paint your clothes", and I always questioned these tidbits. I dreamed of things and had ideas as a little girl that I knew were not the norm of my little friends or family, yet all these things have manifested into a good life, my life. I took solace in my grove of woods, and did things only the woods and I knew, and we all felt just fine together. I have an idea there for a children's story...I'll percolate. There are many stories here on the farm, many characters. I want the world to know the characters, I think they will feel better after these stories. I think maybe that is my place right now. That's the part of the wave I'm on.