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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Flute on the prairie

The winds have been here, and the ride yesterday was so nice. I am trying to squeeze in as many rides as possible in the next two months before the rains come. Boone's mane blowing, the sound of his feet on the hard dirt road, flocks of quail fleeing from the bush. But the most unexpected memory of this ride was the sound of a flute coming from the property we always ride by, where a young father played for his little girl as they sat outside together, a llama in the background.

I struggled with new phone line issues all week, and the always challenging conquest of working through the automated tech support at the phone company. I worked on an illustration today about this endeavor for my portfolio , but I just kept coming up with thick dark lines and messes. At least I got my venting out on paper. I gave up for the time being, and painted this, available on the store site.


Anonymous said...

I am completely entertained by your blog! I'm not a jelous person, BUT I think your farm and life sound wonderful. I've checked out your paintings and love your work.

Linda O'Neill said...

Your stories are just like paintings too, Katherine.

Love the new one of the horse. It glows.

kris said...

hello. i love your beautiful blog! your art is so beautiful and i love that you write about your rides. i grew up around horses and due to an injury i had to give up riding. your writing is helping me remember all my old friends - i've been remembering the joy of taking to the hills and enjoying the space and freedom with my horse. long gallops and slow rangey walks in long grass!

thank you so much.

Amy Cameron Evans said...

llamas?! oh, geez

Yolanda said...

I can picture this so well. If only your readers could now how magical this corner of this northwest truly is. I am grateful every day to live here.

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