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Friday, November 16, 2007

Angst combatted by new thoughts

I did this piece recently and want to do a series of them, but maybe incorporate words as in a story. Not sure. Mulling. The computer issues I had all week put my head and heart in a mess. I do believe causing physical pain to people or animals must be avoided, but after 5 days of non cooperation from computer devices and online tech systems, I did what any thinking/feeling/soulful person does - I hit the device causing all the angst. It did no good. It won the battle. And now, it sure to get back at me in some form today. I am hoping it will all pass by Monday.

The end of the year always has me thinking of what I want to reshuffle. I'm mulling some changes to the online store, including changing the Donkey section to really include more donkey art of all kinds.I've added the nursery/children's section , which will include little items, along with pieces I create for both books and portfolio that are more child related.

And I added some holiday originals that were created originally for holiday card market. They will make fun home holiday decor.


Red Fish Circle said...

Fear not, the Moon is in klutz and Mercury might just be in retrograde. Everything that can not work properly is presently not working properly. Maybe I didn't say that right, but my brain is not working properly either.

It is, however, a lovely piece.

Friederike! said...

Hi Katherine,
I just checked your new works and I love it so much! I can see the child in you and that is great.
sheepkisses, Friederike!

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