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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Proper perspectives on life

When I'm hugging the donkey, this is what I see.

What as age brought me, now nearly 50 years of living? That a day is like a wave. It has a rhythm of its own. You can't control the rhythm, but you can ride it out. When riding out any day, a donkey hug helps. There are really no good and bad days, there are days. There is just life to go along with.


Linda O'Neill said...

Geez even Donkey hooves are cute! Really liked your Halloween piece...made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

A hug from a fur friend makes all the difference in the world! Life would be so empty without them.

Tai said...

I'd give anything for a donkey hug today. Or a horse hug. But even imagining one feels good.

Amy Cameron Evans said...

Mmm, a donkey hug. Hug Pino for me, will ya? xo

Paige said...

"...a day is like a wave. It has a rhythm of its own." - Well put!

Anonymous said...

You are right. The day can be likened to a wave with its very own ebb and flow. I like that image!

Today, I wish I had a donkey to hug. Maybe what I really wish is to hug a friend donkey who lived with someone else. junemoon

Sandra Monat said...

Please give Pino a hug from his blue little friend

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