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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Write a donkey, pass it on

I am gathering all things pie for Pino's Pies. I have big plans, and a full heart.

So, please write my donkey a letter, which I will in turn read to him. Tell us about your favorite pie memory, be it baking a pie, eating a pie, getting a pie, a pie gone wrong, your favorite pie shop - or anything pie.

Consider your act of writing this letter as not only a gift to me, but also a gift of peace. By writing about pie, you are taking 15 minutes or so out of your day, and writing about a peaceful, love filled thing - pie. In so doing, you are putting 15 minutes of peace into the world.

Ask your friends, children, classrooms, mothers, grandmothers, fathers and others to write Pino about pie. Spread the word. While Pino's Pies encourages people all over the world to make a pie and deliver it, it is also a wonderful gift to share the stories of pie. The pie gets made, then eaten. But the memories of the pie maker and eater live on, and bring comfort over the years in ways you may not know.

By taking time to write me and Pino, you are acting as an assistant pie ambassador. And your name will be added to the official list on the Donkey Dreams blog list.


Anonymous said...

i am a preschool teacher, and the last pie i made was with my class as follows:
cut construction paper into a pie shape, let kids paint it (we made 'pumpkin pie' so they painted it an orangey tan color, press cotton onto top of widest part of pie wedge to serve as whipped cream, sprinkle with cinnamon.

pino- you are beautiful and i want to buy your portrait someday..
i'm asking your mama to hug you and give you a skritch for me.

Apifera Farm said...

Wonderful!I hope they learned the beginnings of making and baking.

I would really love to work with a teacher with my Pino's Pies - would you eve consider doing this same thing [a paper made pie] and then sending it to an elder care facility in your area as a greeting [maybe a Christmas pie with messages?] If so, I would love to hear about it, see the pie, and even get letters from the class on how it made tem feel to share the pie.

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