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Monday, August 18, 2008

Apron energy

I received this wonderful picture from one of Pino's supporters. Terry B. made a wonderful apron for our latest Pie Day and also purchased aprons from the apron gallery.

I can just feel the love and happiness in these three characters! And the aprons too!

With all the nutty stuff going on in the world, with all the complications of each of our daily lives, people smiling and donning aprons is a wonderful reprieve.


calicodaisy said...

That should be a postcard!
-- Michele

Amy Evans Streeter said...

i do love a man in an apron.

Amy Evans Streeter said...

pino, i need to bake a pie for you...

Apifera Farm said...

Yes, a man in an apron is almost as good as a donkey in an apron!
Pino has been eating a lot of balckberries, so adding a crust would be nice, he thinks.

Christine said...

Oh, how nice to see one of the aprons I donated (the one on the left) off having such an adventure!

I'll also love me a man in an apron...a mapron? a manpron?

Freelance said...

I love your site and the photos, I would not have found it if I was not perusing notable posts. When I was a kid my first ride was on a donkey and we travelled the spanish country side. It is one of my fondest memories from childhood.

I too, think that photo should be a postcard, what a happy family!


Palak said...

hey sweet blog you got there! adore the effort u make in cheering up people. stay happy :)

Clyde said...

I like Pie


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