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Friday, August 29, 2008

Night swimming

I did two pieces after reading a story about a woman who disappears after swimming in the ocean under a full moon.

I love water, I love to swim. But not in the ocean, ever, never. Nor big lakes. My river I can handle as I can see the earth at my feet. I've always been drawn to the water, but my worst nightmare would be being in it at night, alone. I love the colors of these two pieces.

Now, I must run. I have to get to the feed store - it's worming weekend at the farm! The fall weather is coming, and there are many things to get done before the winter rains come.

Next week, stay tuned, as I have put Paco Giovanetti in charge of the giant pumpkin we are growing. Paco is so grumpy, but very good at guarding, so I thought he would be the best one to guard the magic pumpkin. I'm also hoping it will keep him from mounting little Lucia. Paco is the grumpiest donkey I know, and I'm not going to try to change that. But if he can take charge of a giant, magic pumpkin, perhaps it will help him to be less of a sourpuss. Sourpuss or not, he is loved.