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Friday, August 29, 2008

Night swimming

I did two pieces after reading a story about a woman who disappears after swimming in the ocean under a full moon.

I love water, I love to swim. But not in the ocean, ever, never. Nor big lakes. My river I can handle as I can see the earth at my feet. I've always been drawn to the water, but my worst nightmare would be being in it at night, alone. I love the colors of these two pieces.

Now, I must run. I have to get to the feed store - it's worming weekend at the farm! The fall weather is coming, and there are many things to get done before the winter rains come.

Next week, stay tuned, as I have put Paco Giovanetti in charge of the giant pumpkin we are growing. Paco is so grumpy, but very good at guarding, so I thought he would be the best one to guard the magic pumpkin. I'm also hoping it will keep him from mounting little Lucia. Paco is the grumpiest donkey I know, and I'm not going to try to change that. But if he can take charge of a giant, magic pumpkin, perhaps it will help him to be less of a sourpuss. Sourpuss or not, he is loved.


coloredsock said...

wowsas. i love the woman, the way you drew her. gorgeous and such nice emotion. and mmmm, the colors!!!

Stephanie Lee said...

Oh Katherine!! I could have thrown my arms around you when I read this because I was CERTAIN I was the only one on this planet who felt this way about water. ME!!...a CANCER!! The ultimate water sign! :) Even a river, if dark, can cause me to be more attracted to sweltering on the beach than jumping in the water where I just KNOW there are hungry sturgeon below at least 8 feet long just waiting...

Beautiful piece, as always. I went blackberry picking yesterday - my and my border collie. She gets the low ones and I get the high ones - her little white lips turning magenta right away. I picked and ate and picked and at and thought of pies. :)

farmlady said...

I too am afraid of the ocean, especially at night. My greatest nightmare would be swimming in the ocean,on a full moon night and not seeing land or anything. I really know what you're saying.

Poor Paco, give him a hug for me.

Tina T-P said...

My favorite summer memory comes from years ago when I would visit my friends who had a cabin on a local lake. The water would be cool and "almost" warm at the same time. It would sweep over my body like silk. If I close my eyes on days when it is warm with a cool breeze blowing I am back in time, floating with my friend in that beautiful cool/warm water.

I loved your story about Billy Baker - and wanted to tell you about some blackberry flavored alfalfa horse treats that The Shepherd got at the feed store when he was halter training our sheep boys before the fair. They would follow him anywhere for a little nugget of one of those blackberry treats. (actually, I munched on one - it wasn't too bad, and they are all natural - no chemicals or additives) :-) T.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Well, I guess I hit a chord with some of you about night swimming - admit it, we all cover our eyes in the famous opening seen of Jaws...Tina, I have those blackberry treats. Isn't it amazing how equines go nuts for blackberry flavor, more than rasberry or other fruit. Of course, add alfalfa [we don't feed it] to it and man, you have yourself a brownie!

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