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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ladies, prepare your undergarments

During one of the few sun breaks [Oregonians know the term], I took the opportunity to visit with the chickens, who were free ranging right outside my stdio door.

Without fail, the minute I bought my camera out, they start showing off their underpants. One bends over, and it begins a contest for "Best Looking Undergarments of the Moment".

"Lookie here, my underpants are a lovely earth tone!" declares Edmonia Lewis.

"Ahem, but mine are a silver fox color!" says Jane Morrison.

"I feel mine have are slightly puffier than yours though," chimes in here near twin, Lady Jane.

It was 10 minutes well spent. So I'm posting these for my chickenless readers, to make you happy. It is a known fact, I read it somewhere, that chicken underpants make people happy. I can attest to this, as I feel even happier than I did when I woke up, and I was pretty happy when I woke up. I thought of having a "Prettiest Underpants of Apifera" contest, but that would only encourage them, and would be slightly non-Apifera in tone.


Tai said...

Wow. If ever I saw award-winning chicken underpants I'm looking at 'em right now. Outstanding! A perfect 10!

(Verification word was "mopsifts," which sounds like something vaguely to do with chickens.)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Don't you wonder who gets paid to come up with the verification words? They must laugh themselves silly. The ones for Facebook are the really wacky ones.

Stephanie Lee said...

Oh my, do I love a good chicken show!! I have 9 hens myself - new this spring. Two golden banties, two silver lace wyandottes, an australorp, and 4 auracanas in silver, dark brown, golden and creamy white. They are a performing lot and run around fluffing up their necks and wagging their tailfeathers to greet the day.
I just happened yesterday to catch them all lined up on the deck rail preening. I'm amazed at how clean they keep....those "underpants" are my favorite - so clean and fluffy. Though they always made me think of those little diaper covers that mom would put on my little sister...the ones with rows and rows of gathered lace. You know the kinds. :)

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Hey Stephanie, yes,diaper covers! But I mustn't make them feel like they have Depends on, so we say underpants.

I love Wyandottes but go the Barred Rocks instead - love the Barred Rocks, they are like pet dogs! My banties are getting old, but so small and sweet. Have you had an aracauna start laying lite green eggs, and then they start laying brown eggs? We had a gree layer, but not any more. We can't believe it was Madelaine Albright laying, as she had the scissor beak and I didn't think she would have been the layer, but she's gone now sadly, and no more green eggs. So we wondered if their eggs might gradually turn..

hawksnestfarm said...

wow, those are the cleanest unders I've ever seen!!!

Sharon Stanley said...

...victoria secret calling...I think you may have something!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

pbird- well, I had to leave some of the photos on the cutting room floor due to...um, er...cling on's, and we just can't have the ladies exposing their clingies on their pantaloons.

Sharon- hmmmm, maybe a letter to them would entice them.

Unknown said...

These chickens surely know how to seduce men!

I bet my friend Henry Michel wouldn't resist at all!

Jess said...

Hello! I just found your blog after reading your interview on illustration friday. You inspired me greatly - leaving the office job for art, farm and the things that matter. I'm still combining the two, but hope to be heading more into your direction one day. :)

Thank you!


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