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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Look at him, look at them

I've taken many wonderful pictures here at the farm. Many have that 'wow' factor, for me anyway. But when someone else comes to visit and they take "wow" pictures, it's a different experience than looking at your own. That person chose the subjects, sought them out, or they sought each other out for their own personal interplay. And even though I'm constantly having "pinch-me-I-have-a-farm" moments, it's moving to see my farm through other people's eyes.

A string of experiences, desires, motives, wrong turns, failures and successes landed me here at Apifera. I think too that the guests that land here are brought for a reason, to teach me, share their inner locomotives, and learn from me. It's a give-take kind of gathering.

I've been posting pictures lately by Jan Harris who visited some time ago. With the past two months of writing the Quarry book, I haven't had as much time to focus on picture taking, so I'm glad I can share some of Jan's. She will be having a show in Vancouver all month at the Sixth Street Gallery in Vancouver [WA], and many of the photos she took at Apifera will be on display.

When I first looked at the disk of the photos Jan sent, I swelled up. I got emotional. These are my mates, these creatures, this barn, this rusting junk and dilapidated chair that someone long dead once sat on. As much as I nurture the farm, it nurtures me right back.

Just as I see beauty in the old barn doors I have doctored in my raggedy fashion, so did Jan. I found it so rewarding that an old door might trust a stranger enough to whisper, "Psssst, over here, I'm around the corner."