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Friday, November 13, 2009


The beauty is, I can do what I want, and you, my beloved readers, can believe what you want...

After the creepy energy of yesterday's post, I went out to barn this morning and spent time with the donkeys. I told them their ears and body parts had been briefly pirated, but that all was ok, and we are safe again, at least in the barn, out of sight of any web cams, iphones or apps that might tweet us.

So I took my coat off, and my clothes, and rolled in the dust. I left my boots on, well, just because. It felt really good.

I had donkey hugs while still naked. Now don't be getting all freaked out or starting rumors- but the fuzzie winter coats feel really good on naked skin. It's the beauty of a barn, one can do all sorts of things in it without being egged, or hauled off to jail.

I proceeded onto the newer barn, fully clothed. And hung out with Georgie, Guinnias and Gertie, the senior three. Frankie was busy being Frankie - head butting the ram, positioning herself at the hay bar. But the three old timers amused me. They love to have body rub downs. Man, if I could just explain to them how to do that to me, now there's a viral Youtube waiting to happen.

So, this image amuses me. It will be the print goat sponsors get [really, I am going to send them to all of you who have sponsored, once I get my darn inks loaded again]...I just wanted to share it with you to make you smile.

I'm off to take a shower now.


Cathy said...

Now there's a new money-making opportunity! The Apifera Farm and Luxury Spa, featuring dust baths with furry donkeys...

deedledumpling said...

Oh they all look sooo stately in their "long coats"
What a wonderful image!! Rolling around naked with the donks!!!

Paula In Pinetop said...

Oh my gosh....I go away for just a couple of days and everything gets twisted around.......I went to the site to leave a comment and it looks like someone has split the scene.

And again "oh my gosh" (is there an echo in here???) I love the idea of rolling around all necked in the barn......I'm jealous and feel cheated. I bet you smelled especially sweet when that shower hit all the barn-fairy dust !!!

And I love love love the ladies underpants........wish my backside looked so cute !

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