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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pino's pie prance

The time is so full right now, so ripe for goodness. In our third year of collecting aprons from all over the country, I'm always so grateful for people's kindness. But how can you not get behind a little donkey collecting aprons to help raise money for old creatures?

We already have someone who wants to be an Apron Ambassador for Pino's 2011 Pie Day. And as usual the stories behind many of the aprons are really sweet. Some were worn by the sender's grandmother and have come out of storage to help Pino's cause. Some have been made by anonymous church ladies. They come from the east coast to Texas to the great plains and Rocky Mountains.Pretty nice.

You can see the aprons at Pino's Apron Gallery, where you can buy one if you'd like. Proceeds will be gathered and sent to help the old animals at El Refugio Burrito, Old Dog Haven or New Moon Goat Sanctuary. You can read more about these fine places at the Donkey Dreams blog.

So thank you to the apron givers and makers. It's just a little donkey's small way to chip in - he is lucky to have a good home, and there are so many like him that aren't so lucky.

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Sharon Stanley said...

oh katherine what lovely sentiments and that note card of pino and his hot pie is just....perfect. i can't imagine anyone not wanting a piece of piping hot pie served up by a donkey. for me, it's important to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to help out a tiny bit. i've been thinking recently about what a little i think i do the "help" others....i'm not sure we ever think we do "enough", but everyone does have a gift to share. finding a way to share that gift is not always so easy...(you found a most unique way of doing so...who'd have thought of pie and donkeys??). my "gift" is making little crafts and sewing a bit and i never seem to know how to share it so this is such a perfect opportunity to be able to do that. so i thank you for that chance...

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