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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post Pie Day Ponders: We meet Betty

One of the most wonderful visits came at the very end of the day, when most people had already begun leaving. A car drove up and an elderly woman was helped out by another woman. The elderly woman was using a walker. It turns out she had recently been released from the hospital after a bad fall, and was still in physical therapy. Her name was Betty and her caregiver daughter, Maureen, ventured out to see the donkeys. Betty explained to me that her husband had taken her on a trip many years ago where she saw donkeys in the dessert, and they were so wonderful, she wanted to meet ours.

We sat under the shade of the donkey tent, and communed for some time. Since most people had left, It was a nice relaxed visit, and we talked a lot about getting older and how hard it can be. Betty had lost her husband only nine months earlier, and a tear came to her eye. I told her about losing my dad, and then I got teary eyed. But it was all exactly what I want donkey pie days to be like- therapeutic and sharing of feelings, experiences, as well as the healing energy of animals and farm. Through the visit, Pino stood near by, listening and just being Pino.

Betty was a real apron lover, and a very hard time deciding which aprons to take, so we had to give her some help there- but she loved that the money went to senior creatures.

Because it was so hot out, and Betty had just come out of the hospital, she wore the only outfit she had that was light and breezy - her last wedding dress. She also told me that the watch she was wearing was her husband's, and after he died she had it made smaller so she could wear it.

The gracious way her daughter took care of her was really inspiring. I know that visit meant a lot to them, but I hope they know how much it meant to me, and the other people that were lucky enough to be sitting with us during the visit. I gave them some lavender as a gift, and they were on their way.