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Friday, August 27, 2010

Essence of Donkey

A person once asked me, "But what do the donkeys do all day?". I pointed at my three donkeys, in repose, a slight ear twitch here or there, a lip quiver, a tail swag to shake a fly off, and said,
"Most of the day, this is about it."

They seemed amazed I found it so enthralling.

It might appear a donkey is just standing there, doing nothing, but not so fast. Each second can be filled with a tiny movement that can rearrange the viewer's whole composition. I aim to do an entire study on ear movement of a 5 minute time range. I shall be one of a few who will rush to see the results. Perhaps large abstracts will follow, or a book of ears. I'll leave it to agents, gallery owners and commercial sales reps to tell me it won't appeal to a broad consumer market, but it will give me something to hold onto in years to come. Looking at them, I will remember this evening, the sun setting, the sound of my donkeys breathing slowly, a hoof on a stone.


Sharon Stanley said...

ok...i'm all for a book of ears...maybe tails....or donkey eyes...jubel has such expressive eyes, i love to get really really close to his eyes and talk to him...and yes, he thinks i'm nuts too i'm sure...

Anonymous said...

That snout picture is so sweet! There is great humor and affection in these photos.

Sparroweye said...

I believe Donkey's and Llama have the most beautiful eyes of all creatures. Such eyelashes.

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