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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Queens of the coop

While the hens often act like royalty, it is really the annual visit of the golden queens that cause the biggest stir. Standing a huddle, striking poses in individual style, these ladies are not afraid to cause a stir. They are striking, stunning, one-of-a-kind and they know it.

I like my sunflowers planted all raggedy. It makes the raggedy barn and raggedy fences seem like a plan, which gives me a false sense of order.


marilyn said...

ahhh...that false sense of order...we do love it, don't we.

Cathy said...

A false sense of order is the best anyone can hope for in this chaotic world! Beautiful, stately sunflowers. Your description of them also fits my diva girl cat.

Sharon Stanley said...

what a great photo....and yes, a false sense of order is always...in order...

Delisa said...

Hi Katherine!
I just loved your sunflower picture. The farms nearby my home, often rotate their crops and once in awhile they grow sunflowers. It is beautiful beyond imagination seeing all those rows of golden flowers stretching off into the horizon. As beautiful as all those soldierly and regimented rows are, I do like your flowers best, each one has a personality! In fact I think the one in the center has quite a little attitude going on. :) Delisa

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