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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bring an old donkey to Apifera!

This is Cracker Jack, a donkey of about 20 years. He was rescued in Texas where he was neglected and being abused as a roping prop. His leg wounds were open and raw from rope burns [you can see the scars below, which are treated with a topical oil to keep from cracking], a chunk of his ear was chewed off, his feet had blown out abscesses. And his teeth- the vet felt he'd been tied for long lengths and he tried to chew threw chains or cords so his teeth are worn down to points in areas. The police were brought into help, and eventually, he was released to a donkey rescue and hauled to their California facility where he was doctored, and then he made another journey to Oregon to be placed in a temporary foster home hoping to find adoption.

That's where the senior gentleman and I met. His foster mother and I spent the day together today, surrounded by the donkeys they are helping. All were special. But this old guy had a look. It was like an old man who had much in his life, but saw a lot of it fade away, or torn from him. A lot of bad things were done to this noble creature. But he still has this huge, trusting heart. We think this donkey probably had a lot of love in his earlier years, maybe even with children, but like many donkeys, he was let go for one reason or another. The stories in him, they are there. I hope to hear them when we are reunited here at Apifera.