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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Everything today

"Everything today has been heavy and brown. Bring me a Unicorn to ride about the town." Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The bleakness of the cold rains can have one hallucinating about such things. I forced myself to go out in it and take pictures. Bleakness can be beautiful and still feel heavy, especially when long dead sunflowers still stand and the rusted barn wall is the same color of the daffodils soon to emerge.

No unicorn arrived, but all my animals cheered me on, as will my Dirt Farmer soon to arrive home. I can see him now, sitting in the rocker in front of the fire telling me about his day, his socked feet looking damp.

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Lisa Kaser said...

Nice. Right down to the damp socks. I have loved as I have aged ruminating on the weather more-never thought I would. Both my parent's parents and their parents were farmers and I always thought that was kind of dull. But it's not.

Great post and reflections on the sogginess.

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