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Friday, February 04, 2011

Exuberant braids I have

"And then the wind blew in" ©K.Dunn. While the original is sold, a print is now available of this piece.

I do not have much trouble letting go of paintings after their completion. It is part of how I make my living, but also, it is the encounter I have with layers of paint, textures and feelings while I create it, not the actual product, that make me an artist. However, there are always some that sing a bit more. Sometimes I hold those back to savor them, but this piece was painted for a show and sold right away. I have no idea who bought it since galleries currently seem to think they have the right to withhold that information from the artist, so I don't know if it sits on a mantle, or is tucked in to a closet with old sweaters. Either way, my time with it was short and my work is done.

But when I was picking one new piece to add to the online print section, I chose this one. I hadn't looked at it carefully for a long time. It is one more example of my art telling me a story I need to hear, but that story might have changed since the painting was made. Depending on what is going on around me, many of my paintings have been a map to the future, my conscious just wasn't ready for it when I made it. And while I had a donkey, and chickens, and braids, when I painted this a couple years ago, I can now see yet another one paragraph story emerging from this piece - "The wind was blowing in just as the daily performances began. She sat at the side stage, covered with a trusted creature who would not complain. The wind died down just for a second, and that is when her braids blew up to the skies out of exuberance for her current situation."


Sharon Stanley said...

katherine you are something.....the best words just pour out of your soul don't they? i love this print.

Admin said...

Katherine love your blog! It's a wonderful respite-as I have dreams of a farm too, and am an arts background. This piece is lovely and whimsical, it reminds me of Rousseau or Chagall a bit.
I included your site as one of 10 Sites for Inspiring Your Creativity
And I also included a link to your lavender page.
Namaste, Kala

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful paragraph and an awesome painting.

Delisa said...

I love your painting, I guess we all see different things when we look at art. Often when I look at your pictures I see a very innocent and trusting bond between you and the animals, in sadness or joy, a simple kind of unquestioning love and security in being in one another's company. As if being together were as natural as water. I love the vibrant colors. I keep your book by my bedside and pick it up often and thumb through it before going to sleep. I have a great deal of pain at night and sleep is hard to come by, your book soothes me and I find when I wake up in the morning I feel ready to go out and discover some beauty in the world. We never know where the seeds we scatter blow and take root. Have a nice day Katherine Delisa :)

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