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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Lonely Red Ball: a love story of sorts

Once there was a lonely red ball. She had no idea what she was suppose to do all day. She rolled around a bit looking for other balls, but never found one. She rolled out to the road hoping to find a round rock, but they were all pointy and uninterested in her red roundness.

"I shall just deflate into nothing, purposeless," she sighed.
"Wait, what is this in the distance?"

She felt herself being lifted, the air blowing the sand off her body as she flew through up high and landed abruptly on soft grass.

As she settled into a divet of turf, she saw his face for the first time - big, brown eyes, a smile of red tongue, and ears flapping as he shook off energy.

From that day on, she was never lonely again and her precise purpose was very clear to her.


Priya Sebastian said...

Hahaha...Loved it!!!
And its the perfect way for me to end the day from my corner of the world.

Judy Shreve said...

Great suspense -- love it! I have a ball loved by my dog too! It is a love-affair!

Sharon Stanley said...

ok, now see, this is why you are brilliant...when you can take a deflated red ball and make a love story out of it, you know you are good....and isn't muddy big now!

Anonymous said...

Every animal should have fun toys, lotsa food, soft beds, and plenty of lovin'.

turquoise cro said...

What a SWEET tale! Thanks!!!

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