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Thursday, April 12, 2012


I've been walking more, long walks, now that the weather is at least giving us sun breaks for an hour at a time. The winter rains really wore my spirit down, I must admit. But this week I stood up to the rain and said, "Look, I know you're here for good reasons, but I'm getting on with it - so come as you will." It actually helped. I went for a walk and the smell of new plum blossoms wafted over me. I heard birds, newly returned to the dead thistles and teasel in the side roads. The streams were full of symphonies from both right and left- stereo without electricity.

As I returned from my walk and headed up our gravel drive and first caught sight of the barn with the donkeys lounging nearby, I was jolted back - back to a feeling I had when I first brought little Pino home some 7 years ago. Seeing him in the field brought me such joy and comfort for months on end - it never really goes away, mind you, but one does get more jaded of the joie de vivre of having a little donkey after when one's head is clouded with winter rain debris. Now please, kind readers, don't write and tell me how graced I am here, I know. But I'm human, and yes, even the magic of Apifera can seem invisible at times of doubt, darkness or distress.

I came back to the studio and instead of office work, or writing - which takes me internal so deep inside my own head that it can weight me, I heard something in me, inviting me to paint. I hadn't painted for awhile since I've been immersed in book projects to be pitched.

This is the painting I did in sync with one of my muses. The woman is much more of a child, but that child came to remind the woman of the magic surrounding her.

I thank the smell of the plums and the river's song for bringing my muse to me.


Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

LOVE this sentiment... Love the new work!!! XO

Debra said...

Me too..

aprons are being made here for Pino. :)

Cynthia Valero said...

Thank God for art!

Sharon Stanley said...

i love this one. the colors are so pretty and i just love how she has wrapped her arms around pino's neck....she loves him rain or shine.

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