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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yes, really, the donkey sells aprons

If you've just started visiting the blog, you might not know that my little donkey Pino has been quietly selling vintage aprons and the sales help old and needy barn animal rescues. I decided to start putting many of those aprons up on Etsy, just easier for keeping track of things.

What? A donkey selling aprons? It all It all started with a broken heart, which led to many wonderful things as broken hearts often do. The pain was well worth the pot of gold at the other end of the rainbow. If you are just too tired to lift your itty bitty finger to 'click' that link above [and if you are tired, you should try to 'click' it because I think it will uplift you in a tiny way] I took a shine to aprons when I moved to the farm - they hold great stuff like eggs and hay twine, and I can wipe the runny nose of an old goat at whim.

I also loves to make pie and share it, and one day I took my little donkey, Pino, to a nearby farm, with pie - of course clad in an old apron. It made quite an impression. I shared the story with friends and little Pino started popping up in my art with an apron too. Before you knew it, the donkey was getting aprons in the mail - lots of them. So I decided to put them to good use.

Every June, the donated aprons are strung along a big clothesline at the farm's annual Pino Pie Day. Apron sales help other goat/donkey/barnyard sanctuaries [this year they will be split between New Moon Goat Rescue, Sanctuary One and Lavender Dreams Donkey Rescue - three places where all our adopted barnyard creatures are from and people we know and love their work. My fresh homemade pie is served as are donkey hugs - all for free, and my art and lavender are sold too.

So help us get a head start and shp for aprons. I'll be adding more this month. If you want to donate an apron, Pino loves mail.


Debra said...

I want to make an apron or two~I'm wondering if that's ok? I don't have a vintage one (except my grandma's~and it is one of my treasures), so I was thinking of a new one with my artwork on it...How about some tool type aprons? The ones that are rectangular-I know there's a correct name for them, but I can't think of it. PS~My aprons might not exactly be pretty-I would probably have a dog or a fox or a goose on it somewhere. Or a donkey.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Debra- I think you primitive birds and sewings are really wonderful and Pino and I like anything when made with love.

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