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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dirt Farmer and Farmess

Nine years ago I married Martyn. How would we know what lied in store for us?

Every day I ask the sky to bring him home safely. I still love hearing the sound of his car coming up the gravel road. He is truly the most gentle person I know.

I am soaking it all up. All around me I see people that lose their mates, sometimes suddenly. It is not something I dwell on, but I have always lived my recent years with the understanding that nature is Queen, not me, and my time or his is out of my control. Perhaps this is why the world and life touche me so profoundly and I am hyper sensitive to both joy and sadness - because I see death entwined with life.

Living on the farm has meant we spend a lot of time together, working towards goals, learning, laughing, crying over animal graves, watching trees grow from seedlings to fruit bearers, helping an old barn, growing our own food and eating pies of love.

While Apifera has sprung from my internal rumblings, and it truly found me as much as I found her, it would not be the same without The Dirt Farmer. It might simply fall down.

To all those who haven't found a mate and yearn for one, or who have lost a mate and are lonely, remember the story of a broken heart who had lost her wings, but she grew them back and landed in front of a little house far from her homeland. And then there was a knock at her door.


Adrian said...

I know what you mean. Love takes a tole when it grabs your heart. There is a lot to lose and fear of that future hurt often stops the venturer. Never mind. It's worth it. Give in and a space opens up that cannot be described. It has to be lived. I'm so glad you took a chance and found joy.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

beautiful love story.
your last picture , wonderfulness.

Carole Reid said...

Such a love story! Happy Anniversary to you both.

Debra said...

Love to you from another little farm of mostly flowers, and from two geese, a black dog and a dove.

Unknown said...

Hello Miss Katherine! I am missing these great tales of yours, the best one being this love story. But then, every post is a love story!

Congrats to you and The Dirt Farmer, and to many more years of love!!

Candace said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Martyn and all your precious Apiferans.

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