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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I swear, I didn't take a cow in

The Dirt Farmer and I snuck away from the farm, for - Heaven forbid - three whole days.

Collective gasp from the barnyard!

It was much needed and well deserved. Leaving the farm is one of the most stressful things about living here for me. The details of first finding a reliable farm sitter [and I'm hoping this one sticks because she had fun and seemed to really like it,and we love her too] and then creating the lists and details for that farm sitter is enough to create a need for a vacation from the pre-vacation.

We wanted to take a trip to one of our favorite spots in Oregon - the Jacksonville area near Ashland near the California border. Not only is the energy suited for me, the rivers are full of fish for Martyn and it also is where Sanctuary One is located, Rosie and Stevie's old home.

I spent a day visiting with Robert Casserly at the Sanctuary, meeting all the animals, like Cream, a beautiful cow who had spent her life donating blood and is now retired at the Sanctuary. I met the three "little" pigs [this is Sanctuary One humor, as the pigs are huge boats - maybe 500-800#?] and we gave one a dirt/mud bath and massage. Now that's a vacation! I also got to see all the wonderful new things they've accomplished in one year since we picked up Rosie and Stevie. A new Cat Cottage to help house 15 cats - most are the least likely to be adopted from large shelters due to their handicaps or color. They have a wonderful chicken coop made out of straw bales. The gardens were ripe with produce and herbs. And the place was buzzing with smiling volunteers and happy visitors [and animals]. Imagine if more farms could create one cat cottage, or one goat area and take on 5 of each to help animals reside in more natural settings until homes are found for them.

Sanctuary One is a 'care farm', a concept that is well known in Europe but is still new to the States. I was attracted to The Sanctuary because of this concept [a blessing, as it brought me to Rosie, and Stevie]. The idea is that people, animal and land are working together in an equal, tandem relationship to heal, teach and thrive - no one entity is put on a pedestal. I also was able to drop off a couple of prints to Robert of Rosie and Stevie which he is donating to the Sanctuary. He was generous in helping fund my "Misfits of Love" Kickstarter project.

I always considered our time here at Apifera as such. I do not consider myself an animal rescuer, but rather, a person that is open to those creatures in need that come my way and see me as a safe spot to live or be hospiced - this includes plants and often people. But I feel I am working in tandem with nature and the laws and forces of the universe to walk with, support, improve, and heal land, people and animals - and that work helps bring healing to me.

It's a wonderful organization - a very positive glow engulfs the place and people.

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