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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Essence of old goose

I've been very busy working on getting the online workshop all put together. It is a lot of work - really like writing my first book in many ways. But this time it involves writing and filming, quite a challenge when the subject matter are moving, living creatures at your feet.

In order to make the movies and lessons, I have to draw! And it has been intense, but so fulfilling. I haven't sat and drawn like this for a long time. I am getting to focus on animals I don't normally draw - Stevie, the pig...and more.

I was taking footage in the barnyard for one of the gestural lessons and came upon the old goose Priscilla. She is so beautiful. I drew a quick gestural and sketch of her later in the day. Sixty seconds of chalk on paper and it brought the elegance of her neck from my eye, to paper, back into my heart.

Read more about the workshop here.


Debra said...

Katherine~your drawing is lovely...

annamaria potamiti said...

I visited a small farm lately and took photos of the animals in order to paint from them. Then I realized it just won't work this way, and I am going back to do some serious drawing. Nothing beats drawing , does it? And it's gorgeous because it's like 'caressing' with your pencil (instead of seeing with the camera)- don't you think?

Lis said...

i am soooooo exciting for your workshop ... i too have been craving chunks of time to just draw ... Priscilla is such a lovely model!

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