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Monday, March 25, 2013

Don't ever try to outweigh a horse's head

Last night was the first warm dusk, the kind of night you just don't want to retreat from the barnyard. The animals shared my contentment with the weather and napped outside with the white moon forming over the farm.

I spent time with Boone, my partner in equine crime, who never ceases to walk to a fence line for a scratch or two. This time of year the shedding has begun and he really loves to have a good forehead rub down, to the point where I have to remind him of his manners. As a wise man once taught me years ago,

"Don't ever try to outweigh a horse's head."

Boonie, Booner, BOONE! I'm so glad we got together. Such a series of events had to transpire for the meeting to happen on that very hot July day some 6 years ago, that we can only assume our muses were involved.

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