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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gifts for the old goat

Yesterday a package arrived for

"Rudy, c/o Apifera Farm"

The first and former old goat of Apifera, Old Man Guinnias, often received packages from afar, as he acquired a real following of girl friends from all over the country. It's been some time since we lost him, so to see the 'new' old goat getting mail brings me happiness. And Old Rudy is so sweet, so gentle that he deserves this gift.

A woman saw me mention on Facebook that I planned to make a top coat for Old Rudy later this year and that I wanted to use olive colored felt as the base. Voila, she just happened to have a couple yards that was not the right color for her project and she wanted me to have it. She'd had it sitting in a box just waiting for the right opportunity - and then my old goat came along!

So thank you, Sharon G. from Alabama, for thinking to give this to me, and I know I will put it to good use. There is enough fabric to make outfits for the rest of the barnyard or the puppets - perhaps traveling clothes just like the Von Trapp family singers [I was enthralled as a child that they had traveling outfits!]

Stay tuned for my sewing endeavors later in early autumn. I took the picture below near Miss Peach, to show how lovely a red animal will look in a dapper olive coat.

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