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Monday, March 11, 2013

Love notes for puppeteers

There was a crudely wrapped box waiting for me on the counter top yesterday with a simple note,

"To The Puppeteer,
Love, Martyn"

It was my birthday you see, and The Dirt Farmer is not one to waste energy on fancy ribbons. I usually get something live from him - a tree or plants for example - and when he didn't arrive home with something in the back of the truck, I mused he might have forgotten. I am one of those people that celebrate all week for my birthday, not lavishly, but I tend to indulge in small ways - going for that extra trail ride, having that second helping of soup, sleeping in, etc, so any cards or gifts are frosting on the cake [and thank you for those of you who indulged me with that icing!].

We've never exchanged lavish gifts. Not only is it not in the budget, it's just not us. We are both content with pretty simple celebrations - bounties from the earth of food and wine, a chair by the fire with good music and conversation, sharing ideas and projects we are working on or want to work on - that is what makes us happy. The birthday symbolizes a marker in one's life, and it's a celebration in and of itself to just get there in one piece.

Each day I can do what I do here, share stories and art, go for a ride on my horse, help a little creature, bake some bread, watch the field change color over the day - daily gifts. I sleep well. I do my best and trod on with all my imperfections.

I'm 55 now. It feels very solid. It feels different than 54 or other ages I've been. I feel like I have now leapt up to the opposite shore. I don't feel old, but I don't feel as connected to my past ages. I relate more to my comrades who are 55, 60, 70 and 80. I'm not interested in drama of youth. I'm not inspired by people who aren't bringing the jewel back from the forest and sharing it with the community.

I've shifted. It started happening probably a few years ago. My desires are different now. My fears aren't the same fears of youth. I worry less, but am human so when worry comes it rolls off differently because what really matters is I'm breathing and walking amongst trees. There is an end but until it comes, I'm dancing as fast as I can. I have stuff do do.

So, when I opened the package on my birthday, I swooned. It was a Dremel power tool - something I've been wanting so I can start wood carving puppets and....things. I hadn't really talked about it much to Martyn, he just knew it was a gift that would help me take the next creative step with these inner muses that keep coming back and poking me. These puppet muses are speaking very strongly to me.

"There's a comet in the sky tonight, makes me feel that I'm alright, I'm moving pretty fast for my size."
Neil Young.


Carole Reid said...

Now that's a man who is truly in love! Who supports you. Who listens with his heart. Happy days to you, Katherine. xo Carole

Debra said...

Happy Birthday, Katherine!

Sabrina R. Molinar said...

Many birthdays ago I also recieved a Dremel from my husband. It has always been one of my favorite gifts. Oh,and happy belated birthday!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Such a beautifully written post. Happy Birthday to you, and enjoy that gift.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Week!

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