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Friday, April 05, 2013

And once The Pig was born

Five years ago The Pig was born. Having a pig is delightful, knowing their actual birthday adds a lot to the responsibility of pig guardianship. I had big plans for Rosie's birthday, but life took over requiring me to take the reins and try to stay on track. Details later. But for now, may I just share this little Pig likeness I did last week. I liked the simplicity of it so much that I am keeping it all for myself.

I do have a special gift I've made Her Royal Pigness and have asked her if it is okay for me to give it to her after life settles down. She was not bothered, as long as she could continue getting her morning egg and any vegetable scraps. This seemed very mature of her, so I thanked her for her understanding.

I will be back soon - I'll be less sneaky about what is going on, but for now, let me just say,

"Happy Birthday, dear Rosie! You are the only Pig for me!"