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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Singin' and hummin'

The warm weather we've been having makes us all happy and springy. With an extra kick in their morning steps, the flock sings at intervals, and the old goat naps and quietly hums himself to slumber. We relish these overly warm days, even though the valley is dry and we need rain for summer's eventual heat. But...I'll take it, selfishly.

After this weekend's Super Shepherdess Extravaganza Trimming Feet - Worming - Sulfa Treatments and CDT Shots for 40 Ewes, I'm still feeling like Old Rudy here - like I could take just one more little nap. But no rest for the weary. I'm impressed with myself I did them all, solo, in one morning-afternoon session - if I may gloat a bit. The last couple nearly killed me however. I actually like trimming feet - kind of like vacuuming, it is necessary and when complete, one can look at a new tidy version of the former. And my girls are actually very well behaved and stand for me. The pygmies, that's another story.

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pencilfox said...

my golly gosh, i admire all the hard work you do on the farm.

that being said, the first photo is a sweet one, those goaties singing in unison.

send me warm weather to dry up all the "break up" mud and slush, eh?


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