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Monday, February 24, 2014

Style of The Dirt Farmer

We dress pretty raggedy around here, as some of you may know. If you saw me in my now thread bare barn coat you might think I need to take up a collection for myself, versus collecting for the Misfits feed bill. I've always been a casual dresser, but in my city life I like to remember that I had a style. That style has given way to pure functional attire for the cause of the moment-be it fencing, aiding in lambing, goat hauling or pig mud wrestling. Sometimes I think grand thoughts-

"I will start wearing dresses again...or a skirt into the feed store."


The Dirt Farmer has a way of getting dressed and always looking...Dirtfarmish, don't you think? After I took this photo he leaned down and fixed his pant leg, so he'd look tidier.

"Totally ruined it for me," I said. And that was the end of the photo session that day.

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