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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Party for a one year old goose, er, goat

I was 15 minutes late to the 12:15 Animal Cracker Tossing Party in honor of Little Goose's first birthday. The Head Troll is prompt and if you aren't there at the start time of her invite, tough love, my friend. I appreciate this, as I was raised never to be late-that it is self absorbed and wastes the other person's...or goat's...time.

But I got caught up in an email, and was running late. By the time I got to the barnyard gate, there was quite a bit of activity already happening.

"Get over, I'm first!"

"No, I am!"

This went on for a few times until I heard multiple hard heads bashing. No worries, just the way we say, Move over, please, NOW! around here.

The nice thing about The Head Troll's party planning is the party is intense, and then, it's over. I often am only at one of these parties for less than 10 minutes. And there is never any clean up. It allows me to observe and extend well wishes to the guest of honor, and then get some work done.

If you have never been to an Animal Cracker Tossing Party, they are wild at times. Little bodies crushing for position, pigs grunting, ducks flapping and the occasional chicken making a mad dash for a cookie, or to get away from the moving white fluff thing that came to live in the barnyard not more than a week ago. The llama and Scooby Keith watched from afar, and Old Rudy was given special cookies directly by me, so as to ensure he got some.

When the party was over, the birthday boy looked content. He stood up on the ridge and watched as the final crumbs were eaten, then headed back to the barn.

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