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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Waiting the arrival of the elders

The sun is out and the skies are clear and crisp. And there is anticipation in the cool air-for me, anyway.

As I write you today, somewhere there is a truck pulling a trailer with an two elderly gentlemen in it. Or, creatures, I should clarify-there are no old humans being hauled in a horse trailer-just an old llama and his pygmy sidekick.

"I have a huge surprise for you all today," I announced as I entered the barn for morning feedings.

Then I held up the photo you see here today.

Some gathered to sniff, and ponder, others kept eating, or chewing cud.

Nobody ever listens to me out there.

The Head troll scurried about, as if she knew there would soon be procedures for the newcomers. I suppose she will be getting her notary seal ready.

I've never known a llama. Everything I have heard so far has me very excited to meet this gent. I suspect he will be part of elder meetings and has quite the wisdoms to share.

I look forward to this grand arrival!

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Anonymous said...

I always wanted llamas but it was not to be. They do seem to have more cat like personalities than dog like, if that makes sense, but they sure are handsome. xox

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