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Monday, February 24, 2014

Pig tested

We are down to 27 days, folks. Please visit the Kickstarter fund page and pre order at any gift level you'd like. I have been working on this book for many years and it is close to my heart-birthing it can be a slow process, and a lonely one [except I do have the donkey for lunch breaks!] but I feel we can make the goal if everyone who follows here, or who has bought Misfits- pledges now. We are only at 40% funded. I have not given up hope, because I look at the lists of people I've promoted the book too, and I just feel they will come through for me and this book.

It's going to take a herd and a flock to reach the goal in time. But the book's underlying message is to never give up on a dream, and to let dreams evolve. So I'm holding onto that sentiment, even though the hill to climb is steep.

Things you can do to help today-

- Share the link http://kck.st/1atG0OW on Facebook and social media

- Do a blog post [feel free to use images from my posts on this blog about the book

- Email 5 friends that love pie, donkeys and farm and share the project

- Email friends that have lost at love and feel like their mate isn't out there-the book might resonate

- If you have pledged, consider adjusting your pledge upward

And finally- thank you to those of you who stepped up early to pledge, and share. I really, really appreciate it.

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Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Good luck reaching the goal. xox

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