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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring panorama

I know most people come here for photos, art and story of animal. They are contagious, the critters that live here under my care, at least I've been told. But I hope to share more of the other creatures in my life–the land, not only the land of Apifera, but the surrounding area where I ride, walk and drive.

The rural areas here, like many states, can be spotted with derelict properties complete with car museums or run down mobile homes that one can hardly believe are still inhabitable–but they are–to someone. But all around is such gorgeous scenery. I try to take it in and I think I do.

Spring is beautiful as the grass has a different tone and value of green and yellow than it does in June or late summer into fall, then winter. Even the yellow weeds that dot a fallow field provide entertainment to the eye, or the globs of shedded sheep hair [our sheep do not have wool, they are a 'hair' breed] that let the viewer see the hidden mini highways the flock creates through stream and bramble.

Donkey Hill is alight, and Old Oak is beginning to put buds into leaves, barely. Donkey Hill is a spiritual mound, for sure, not only for me, but probably for past inhabitants, more like a vortex than a hill. The donkeys are often seen there, under her, eating moss. It is often the first sight I see as I drive from the road up to the house. A sight I never tire of, a picture of 'home'.

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Terra said...

Great to see these photos of your land and country side near your place.

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