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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Eating machines and something always goes wrong sometime

They eat, they sleep and their old bodies never stop needing some kind of care, be it routine or emergency. I love working with these guys, I love helping them-it's rewarding, it's purposeful, and all in all, it is fun. There are days of peace an days of chaos. But it is just the way it is on any real small working farm-and this small working farm has an added group of old Misfits.

So a day or so ago I posted a link to a fundraiser via GoFund to hopefully raise money for the spring maintenance of all the various Misfits. But I took it down. I felt in my gut it wasn't the way to go. I was feeling liked a used cars salesman.

But, at the same time I must face facts. It takes a lot of time, and money to care for these animals-many were neglected over years so there are always going to be chronic issues, often requiring me to determine if a vet call is necessary-or a 'come out now' vet call such as happened today with one of the equines who appeared to be choking. It passed, and normal behavior ensued, so we dodged a bullet. I have a vet coming out this week for pig shots, llama care and to do a herd overview of Misfits and Matilda.

I think I will gather some sketches and old art pieces and do a little art sale later this month. Stay tuned. In the meantime you can support the barnyard here, with gift levels of books, or you can choose to give without a reward at that same link. There is also a monthly subscription option. We are not a 501c, but rest assured each dollar is used on a helping a Misfit.


Terra said...

You are a sweetie to give these animals such tender care and I will see what art pieces you decide to sell.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is hard to ask for money and I know just from my little crew how expensive it can all be. See if you are listed on smile.amazon because 1/2% of every purchase can go to charity...maybe you might want to be a 501c3 for that reason....it adds up quick. I got some stuff for our new old house we are rehabbing and I sent $40 to my local dog rescue....xox

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

thanks, Terraa! Thanks, Corrine for the tip. I've talked to my accountnt multiple times about pros and cons of 501c for the amount of money I bring in[which is minimal, believe me] and I've talked to a ;;;;person who help start an animal 501c sanctuary and he too advised against it- it's more important if I wanted to bring in huge amounts or large donations. Most people are giving me $5 and such so ;the extra paper work and other details explained by my accountatnt don't make sense for us.

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