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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Annual Pig Sunscreen Drive is here!

Contrary to some chatter, I did not use styling gel on Rosie, she does her own hair and make up, thank you very much.

It's time for the Annual Sunscreen Fund!

Every year in mid summer, Rosie loses all her little bristle piggie hairs and is bald–all over. Besides the fact that she has very scaly skin even with hair, without hair she becomes burned and her skin suffers. She often rubs it and it scabs. I have kept the scabbing at a low with the help of Destin, a diaper ointment with cod liver oil [a wonderful product for many skin ailments I must say!].

My regime with Rosie is to massage her with baby oil at night. Then in morning I add Destin in, and the left over baby oil on her body helps spread out the thicker Destin. I use spray on sunscreen all over her throughout the day. I also find the Destin doesn't tickle or sting her. The spray on screens are great for coverage and is much easier to cover the worst bald areas of her piggie body.

If Rosie is in a grumpy mood - a 90% possibility - covering her in sunscreen can be quite a challenge- but she is much more accepting of it now that I do it all the time.

How to help:
Either donate a small amount to the sunscreen fund - or scroll down for "Buy" button.

Send Sunscreen:
Rosie is accepting spray on sun screen this year. The spray on is much easier to get good coverage on her grumpy body, and as you can see from these photos where she was somewhat burned, she needs sunscreen!

Desitin Ointment - accepted year round
Rosie's skin chafes and I use this year round to soothe her skin and keep her scabs from rubbing to a minimum. "Desitin" is a diaper rash ointment found in the baby section at the store, made with cod liver oil - I also use it all the time for the other animals when skin issues arise.

Rosie appreciates your help. And no, the working pigs of Apifera do not need sunscreen because of their skin and their hair doesn't blow out-so rest assured your sunscreen is all for little Rosie.

Send your sun screen to:
Rosie McDonald McDermot
c/o Apifera Farm
14710 NW Tupper RD, Yamhill, OR 97148

or donate a small bit here:

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