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Monday, December 01, 2014

"Let there be Misfitlians!" declared The Head Troll

I've been bombarded by cyber specials for the past four days. Delete. Delete. Delete.

So I was hesitant to do some shout outs about...well, me. But a shepherdess is not a sheep, she does not lived on legumes. So I must make some non subtle suggestions to you to go be a consumer.

If you don't like the sound of that, I alerted the Head Troll and asked if she could come up with a more inviting, spiritual word for a shopper of Apifera goods.

She was at it all day.

"Misfitlian," she had scratched on a piece of a seed bag.

I do not often argue with The Head Troll. She is a notary for crying out loud. You can't object to a notary.

In all seriousness, if you are a past Misfitlian, or a new one, by buying my books, art, cards, prints or whatever else you can scrounge up from me, it is going right into this wonderful world of Misfits. You can also give a donation gift this season in honor of a friend who has lost friend/family member or animal.

The book sale is going on and remember if you have already purchased either of the two books, you don't need a minimum order to get the low price. Just email me and I'll get it all done for you.

So now all you Misfitlians, go forward in cheer and peace, and buy, buy, buy. With each purchase, a donkey feels their wings.