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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Annnual Christmas Garland Festival at Apifera

The Garland Festival has become a tradition here at Apifera. It began after a friend and follower of The Misfits and my art gifted me with a lovely felted garland. It was so pretty and I casually took a photo of the dogs wearing it to share with her as a thank you. Of course it grew from there.

Each year that patient little garland [it feels to me as if it has become a living being] puts up with so much-being dragged in the mud, chewed, torn, and shaken off. But it continues to survive. Each festival has a unique atmosphere. This was Marcella's first year, and I guess i can't blame her, she decided to pretty much guard the garland, especially from the pigs. Earnest, as you will soon see, was exhausted after the entire event. I think I might have to hire help and turn this into a major event-I used my iphone instead of my good camera-it is all I can do to protect the garland and a good camera in one of these things so I'm afraid we have a lot of arty blur. But you know how much I love blur [as it shows energy moving]. The donkeys had other pressing matters eating] and did not attend this year, and Aldo would not leave his flock.

If you like this annual festival, maybe you'll be in the spirit to send some support to us for caring for all the Misfits [you get books if you so desire]. We always appreciate year end coins tossed in our bucket.


Anonymous said...

Certainly a festive parade of misfits wearing that garland. xox

C.M. Mayo said...

Happy Holidays to you and all at magical Apifera!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

To you too, Madame Mayo! And to you too Corrine!

pencilfox said...

love that garland on EVERYone!!

happy christmas, happy solstice to all at apifera!!

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