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Friday, August 28, 2015

An example of pig architecture

This may look like a mud hole to some, but to those of us lucky enough to experience a life with some pigs, we know this is a finely tuned example of a porcine water feature, complete with three swimming holes and one recycling water bucket. The black bucket is filled to give fresh water and let to overflow in hot weather. Wherever there is a bit of slime mud, the pigs role and use their snouts as their little chisels and hammers. Within an hour they can have a swimming hole.

I swear I've heard them out there whistling Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off to Work We Go.

The pigs also have fresh water on a drip nipple. The nipple is secured into a large 6" PVC pie, filled with fresh water. The pigs push the nipple and get their drink. Some of my pigs always prefer the bucket water, which means I am wasting more water, because I have to clean it, but they often love to stand in the bucket and drink.

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Terra said...

How refreshing for your pigs to stand in the bucket and drink. I think they have helped you create a pig paradise.

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