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Friday, August 21, 2015

Creatures to love

Juliette the donkey is going to the haberdashery. She sews all her own handbags and the haberdashery man is from Italian and he gives her beautiful fabrics, buttons and such in exchange for her handmade bags. Although lately, he only requests that she dine at noon with him. He is 78 and alone and Juliette, although much younger, speaks Italian so they can discuss books and current events. But he really just likes looking at her as she is beautiful and reminds him of his eldest daughter who was lost at sea.

Else the cat is ready for the museum. She spends many days there. She goes immediately to the room where the Swedish painters are, and sits on a bench and stares into the landscapes of her old homeland. She is a not married and relocated to America when she thought she loved an American. But he turned out to be scam artist and took all her family jewelry, the only things she had left from her parent's belongings–Except her scarf, which her mother made for her. She always wears red shoes because she says it grounds her. She says she will never marry or even date again, she only wants to go to the museum. Although she has recently learned to ski.

And of course, little Pino the donkey. I did this felted doll years ago and could never part with it, but...he needs someone to love him every day, instead of having to live in a box. He loves his red sweater and he thinks the "P" stands for "pie" so I don't tell him otherwise.