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Saturday, August 08, 2015

The runt gets a friend, and Apifera shares itself

I had someone come today to look at the piglets, as they would like to buy one for their small farm. I've grown very fond of the runt, who is the least flashy of the group, but his personality is very nice and I was really tickled the girls took a shine to him.

These were very well mannered little blonde sprites, their mother has taught them well. If you come to Apifera as a child and you love animals, it must be like getting loose in a cupcake factory. With each animal they saw, there was a request,

Can I go meet them?

Of course. How can we not?

It also gave me the chance to show them the proper fencing for a pig and discuss the commitment of owning one for its entire life, which I felt they were all ready for. So we trampled around on this beautiful morning, and met animals one by one. As usual, Birdie was quite the hit. What a little movie star she is, without the attitude. The girls knew how to hold their hands flat when petting noses and had a very good time. Stevie gave one kiss, Old Victor got some love, and Boone shared himself, but of course.

They were all set to leave, but wait, what's that?

Donkey brays. So off to the donkey paddock we went.

And then I mentioned the grumpy pig. Oops, okay, come on girls, let's go through Old Barn and see her, but don't worry, your little pig won't be this grumpy, I promise you.

That led too,

Can we see the piglets one more time?

Off we went, to hold the runt again.

On our way back to the car, of course we have to go hold Old Priscilla, the goose. She kindly shed a under feather for them.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

The photo of the one girl holding the piglet = the word love! What lovely girls. So good to see children who are open to this kind of curiousity.

Katherine Dunn said...

I thought so too, Kerry!

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Special children. Such tenderness in the way they treated the animals and yes, what a photo of that girl and the piglet. xox

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