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Monday, August 03, 2015

The upcoming show "Calling All Wings"

"Calling All Wings" opens Saturday, September 12th at Riversea Gallery in Astoria, OR.

I'm really excited about my upcoming solo show. I've been focusing on the paintings and still have some more to do, but I'm feeling good about it all. This piece is going to be the show announcement.

When I started working on the paintings, I had to keep a title in mind. I didn't have to wait long. Some time last winter I did a piece and the words "Calling All Wings" came to my mind, and kept repeating in my waking and sleeping state. I sensed the year, or years, ahead would require wings-to change, expand to new places, fly off, fly back, land on higher ground, and perhaps get away from predators. I sensed this for both me, the farm and even Martyn. It is a very strong calling, and sometimes if I think about it too much, it agitates me. But mostly, it excites me.

Change is part of every day. I can go outside and new chicks have been hatched, a lamb is born, or an old creature has died. Sometimes it isn't that dramatic–a tree is never the same from one hour to the next. The leaves are constantly changing color, size, crispness and underneath the roots are spreading or contracting. Everyday under that trunk is an expanse of change.

Sudden change is different of course. Sometimes we know it is coming-the death of a parent in hospice, the adult child about to become a mother, or the house that will sell someday once the sign goes up. It is the unknown sudden changes I sense coming.

This is not doom or gloom. Rather, I feel I'm entering my beginning crone state, having passed through maidenhood, and mothering. Unsettling changes are happening to my body, and I'm working on that with as much grace and humor as possible.I have slowly begun to create a new crone wardrobe.

But something lies in wait out there. I feel it happening from now to a year or two.

Such a mystery, eh?

But anyway, that is the meaning of the title of this show. So it is a very spiritual show for me, and one of mystery and intrigue too.

I'm also excited that for the first time in my show history I'll be exhibiting some of my hand made creatures.

I look back at the first dolls I made in about 2004. They were little raggedy messes. They are still raggedy, and messy but I like to think they have acquired some style and sophistication. I am now combining wood, cloth and clay. The electrical just got finished for the small kiln, so I hope to have some of those clay figures in the show. I'm working with ideas on how to pose them for the show and am having fun. They are very comforting to make.

"Calling All Wings" opens Saturday, September 12th at Riversea Gallery in Astoria, OR.