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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Take your daily dust bath

The donkeys take daily baths of dust almost all year, but especially in the heat to help keep flies off of them, and to itch off the burrs and little stems of blackberry. I don't think I've ever see it this dry in the eleven plus years we've been here. But more than that, it seems so golden this year, and as tired as I am of the summer, my least favorite season, I have to say I have been in awe of the beauty of it [fortunately, we are not having fires, so I'm grateful for that, and my heart goes out to all who are within fire areas].

We ran one of the wells dry last weekend. It is the well that feeds our vegetable garden, chicken hut and donkey paddock. The house has a separate well [which barely keep two people in showers] and we have river water in the summer-thank goodness-for the barnyard. So now I have to hook up hoses to get from the river tank water over to the donkeys. It's all fine. I just hope the well recovers.

I find that if I look at these inconveniences as extra quiet time to be outside with my animals, I'm graced by that inconvenience. If it is over 85 degrees, it can be harder to have that fairy in the woods mentality.

It gives me pause every year-the thought of the wells running dry. But I will take a Buddhist view, and remember not to worry about something until it happens.