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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Diary of a Pig: Earnest's journal

April 24

There has been much discussion of late about seating arrangements for the trip East. I hope to be near Eleanor, but it is unlikely. The people know me, and I know them. We both realize my yearnings could cause problems. I will hope for some lovemaking on arrival in Maine. It has been too long, me thinks.

The pink pig from Old Barn is problematic. I hope to not be placed in the same riding compartment as her. But what can I do about it?

We have had warm weather and have had many mud baths. We have been informed the travelling mobile has no bath tanks, or mud, and the windows are high so sight seeing will be impossible. But there is some kind of mission to have a secure chair to stand on, so we can take turns seeing America. I have put in a request too, I'd like to stop at some of the national forests, since I've never been to one, now must be my time.

I have a microchip now, we all do. We were assured that it will keep us from going to jail in Maine, and it is even good for European travel. I have taken note of this, and am considering a trip to Paris, or Scotland. But first, we will leave our home here, and see America, and perhaps stop at a drive in too.


Karen Hasler said...

Oh my...Earnest, you are a character and I am following along with you as you get ready for the trip to Maine...Hope you keep us posted..and if you go to Paris or Scotland, I will go with you!

Lisa Hofmann said...

I can't wait for the travel blog of the Misfits! Perhaps it will be the prologue to Donkey Dreams Deux? xo

Corrine at corrinegilman.com said...

I think a trip to Scotland would be lovely too, Earnest. I wonder if I need a micro-chip? There will be wonderful mud and lovely briny smells from the ocean in Maine, you might even get a walk along the beach and a swim in the ocean! xox

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