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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Doctor, can you do something about my baby's face?

Every night the dogs run and we let Hughie out and despite his blindness he is fearless and knows his territory. We let him be a real dog, although I am not sure pugs are real dogs, they are mystical little beasts. When we are ready to sit on the porch, we go grab Hughie and carry him back to the deck, always in this pose.

Hughie will do great on the trip, he likes the car and will have his little bed. I have no worries about him acclimating to the new place. He did so here in record time for a blind dog. He is such a delightful little fellow.


Anonymous said...

He is so cute. I am always amazed at how animals just do what the need they need to and get on with it, no complaints, just make it work. We could learn a thing or two. Xox

C.M. Mayo said...

I'm sure you don't need my advice but maybe you do... or maybe someone else who follows your wonderful blog might... Here goes: a few years ago I did a 5 day summer drive apropos of a move with an elderly blind pug. He did amazingly well and he adjusted just fine. But there are two things I would have done differently: (1) always, always reserve the handicapped accessible ground floor hotel room and (2) use this drinking water system: don't buy lots of bottles but instead buy one or two super sized bottles and then fill insulated water bottles (the type for hikers) as needed. For hot weather, I fill up the insulated bottles with ice from the hotel's ice machine-- wow, what a difference that makes in summer weather! And it's nice to be able to give the pug extra cold water and maybe even a drizzle or three on his back. Pugs have such a hard time with summer weather, given the surface area to volume ration of their bodies-- like human babies, they overheat very quickly.

C.M. Mayo said...

"I am not sure pugs are real dogs, they are mystical little beasts."

Oh, indeed, indeed!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

yes, that is true, so if you are new to pugs, beware, they overheat very fast. We are lucky we will be going at a time of year that is good travel weather-usually, with luck-for all the animals, and us.

C.M. Mayo said...

Good wishes with your journey!! (And pats to Mr Pug!)

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