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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Sophie blossoms

Sophie is doing very well despite having lost Victor this past winter. In fact, her personality is blossoming a bit and she has become much more affectionate and personable with me. She was never unfriendly, but let Victor do all the love sharing. Like many elder couples, when one passes away it can create a necessity for the survivor to come out of a shell, or allows an opportunity to speak up a bit more. For example, to day I was hanging out visiting the pigs at their fence line, with Earnest. And out of the blue, Sophie came down from the upper barnyard to put her head on my hand for scratches. I'm so glad she has opened herself up. She is a tender girl and her bedtime mate is Raggedy, who will be her travel mate when we move.


Terra said...

How sweet Sophie is opening up a bit after losing her mate and nice she has a bedtime mate Raggedy to travel with.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it's a good sign for an animal to open up a bit and want to be with others. She looks quite content in your photos. xox

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