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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Lessons of the old blind dog

The old blind dog seeks out a place to sit, even for moments, in a spot that will bring soothing to the bones, perhaps in dappled sunlight, or up on a perch where he waits to hear a familiar voice,

"I'm here, you're okay, do you need help?"

He often does. And I gather him up and we sit together on a nearby bench, taking it all in, both of us feeling a shift in the breeze or the landing of flies on our bodies.

He doesn't have an agenda for the day, once he eats. He is happy to be here, blind, using his other senses to navigate his time. I don't think he worries, because he has the consistency of my presence, and my voice to help him if he needs it. To have a reassuring voice in your life if you need it–what a gift.

I carry him inside so I can do more work on the new barn. But when I come outside, I sit on that same rock, looking out onto a field I hardly know. It was a warm rock though. And I see Martyn out in the distance, on the tractor, he waves. It was a sign language of reassurance.


spendsister said...

For some reason, your post brought tears to my eyes. Perhaps because my familiar voice has been gone for nearly five years, and your words make me realize how heavy and lonely the silence is.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I have heard it called 'the silent echo"...there is no easy way through loss, or absence of a partner, friend or parent/child. If and when I have to face losing martyn, in age, or other means, I just hope I have the courage to get up each day. All I can imagine that will save me is continuing to do the things I love, and in repose each night, meet him in my dreams as I do my parents now. Blessings and light to you!

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